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Accidents…They Happen

An accident, regardless of fault can deal a financial blow to you and your family.  A consultation with an agent at Reliant Insurance Services will help you to be prepared when a claim arises. 

When you understand how your coverage works, you put yourself in a position to better prepare and protect your financial security. Don't rely on Geico or any other faceless company to protect your family.  Working with Reliant Insurance Services will ensure your protection and financial security!

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Think of your auto insurance as a form of defense. It is constantly working to protect your most important assets; your family and your wealth.  Protections include:

Liability – covers any damages, both to property and an individual, should you be at fault.

Collision – covers your car if it damaged by a collision

Comprehensive - covers your car if it damaged by anything other than a collision

Other protection available:

Emergency Road Service and Rental Car Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage- This is an extremely important coverage.  Your liability coverage only protects someone you hurt, but who covers you if they hurt you?  Unfortunately, half of Florida drivers have no insurance or are underinsured, leaving you with the bills.  Uninsured Motorist Coverage protects against this by ensuring you have the coverage they should have had.

We work with you to show you your options, recommend the right can ensure you’re getting all of the discount you qualify for.  There’s more to Auto insurance than most initially think.  Working with an agent at Reliant Insurance Services will help you better understand your options and feel confident in the coverage and price of your auto insurance.

Reliant Insurance Services - Your Palm Harbor Auto Insurance Expert

Protection is essential especially considering that we are all one accident away from a potentially devastating personal and financial loss.

At Reliant Insurance Services, we know the area how best to protect you with the right car insurance.

None of us wake up in the morning and plan to have an accident, but it happens. Start your Quote Today and let the experts at Reliant Insurance Services make sure you’re protected.




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